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Dementia@Manchester has access to extensive state-of-the-art research facilities to enable us to deliver our research strategy.

The University's imaging facilities are located across sites in Manchester and offer researchers and clinicians access to leading-edge facilities, equipment and staff in order to produce high quality research that will inform the identification of effective new treatments and the targeted use of treatment for greatest patient benefit.

Manchester's imaging facility provides leading clinical and preclinical scanning capability that underpins our dementia research. The facilities were extended in May 2016 with the addition of a new PET-MR scanner, which has been funded by the Medical Research Council as part of the Dementias Platform UK initiative.

The facility focuses its efforts on positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sciences, and offers both clinical and preclinical scanning opportunities. It also, via the radiochemistry facility at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, has an ambitious radiotracer development programme for use in research studies.

We have access to human samples (plasma, post-mortem brain material) through the Manchester Brain Bank - a member of the UK Brain Banks Network.

In addition, we have access to a comprehensive range of bimolecular analytical facilities including bioimaging, bimolecular analysis, genomic technologies including next generation DNA sequencing.

See further information about our facilities on the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health's research facilities page.