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Manchester Brain Bank

The Manchester Brain Bank collects and supplies human brain tissues for research locally, nationally and internationally.

The Brain Bank is principally supported by Alzheimer's Research UK and Alzheimer's Society through the Brains for Dementia Research initiative. It also receives support from MRC via the national brain banking network.

In line with a sustainable future for brain banking, The Medical Research Council (MRC) and associated charities introduced in 2016 a cost recovery scheme for the provision of tissue. The tariff has been standardised and implemented across the UK Brain Bank Network, of which Manchester Brain Bank is a member. Please note that these tariffs are now applicable to ALL studies irrespective of whether these are pilot studies, student projects or full research proposals.’

Major contributions

The Brain Bank has made major contributions to the identification of the major genetic mutations associated with Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration and to the clinical diagnostic criteria and molecular pathological classification of the main neurodegenerative diseases.

Brain donation programme

Brains from prospectively assessed individuals with neurodegenerative diseases, and healthy controls, are collected via a brain donation programme with full, informed consent. Tissues are made available through application to the Brain Bank.

Requesting tissue

All researchers applying for tissue from Manchester Brain Bank must complete and return the tissue request form. The request will then be reviewed by Manchester Brain Bank Management Committee who will assess the application on its scientific merit and ethical use of tissues.

All researchers applying for tissue from Manchester Brain Bank must complete and return this form. This document relates to the transfer of biological tissue as defined by, and in relation to, the Human Tissue Act 2004.